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Dentist in Durango, CO

Are you looking for a dentist in Durango, CO? Mason Miner, DDS, provides high-quality dental care in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. You’ll be in good hands with our experienced team. Welcome to our dental family!   Why Choose…

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Dentist for Kids in Durango, CO

A Dentist for Kids of All Ages Children’s dentistry varies from general dentistry because the dental structure of an infant’s teeth differs significantly from adult teeth. Children require the services of a pediatric dentist to treat their baby teeth and assist them in preparing for healthy adult teeth. At Mason Miner DDS, we provide a…

sedation dentistry mason miner dds Dentist in Durango CO

Sedation Dentistry

Feel more comfortable going to the dentist with sedation dentistry from Mason Miner DDS. This type of dentistry makes standard dental procedures more comfortable. There are many options for sedation dentistry. When you work with Dr. Miner and his team, they will find the right one for you.    Minimal Sedation This type of sedation…

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A toothache can stifle your plans. Not only is it painful, but you are also worried about the health of your smile. At Mason Miner DDS, we are here to put you at ease. We understand toothaches can be inconvenient. We are here to help you through the process and find the right solution for…

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Broken Tooth

If you have a broken tooth, it can cause havoc in your life. Not only can it be painful, but it can also cause functional problems. These problems may include difficulty eating and speaking. At Mason Miner DDS, we understand this can be a difficult time for you. Below we have options we can put…

woman with jaw pain

What is TMJ?

The TemporoMandibular Joint is the joint that connects the skull and the jawbone. There is one temporomandibular joint on either side of the jaw. People refer to “TMJ” as a disorder which causes pain in the jaw and face, particularly in the muscles that control movement. TMJ disorders can be minor, for example, if caused…

wife annoyed with husband's sleep apnea

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea and Why to Treat It

Sleep apnea is a relatively common condition where your breathing stops and starts while you sleep. The most common type is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It is caused by your airways becoming relaxed and narrowing while you sleep. It can often be hard to diagnose yourself, as the symptoms mainly occur when you’re asleep. Fortunately,…

Teeth Whitening

Types of teeth whitening provided by dentists

Nobody wants to be walking around with discolored teeth. Doing so can make us feel self-conscious and more likely to hide away when a photograph is being taken. Thankfully, there’s a solution: getting your teeth whitened. This is a straightforward process that anyone who wants whiter teeth can get done at a dental clinic. A…