We offer state-of-the-art restorative dentistry for patients looking to replace a missing tooth. At Durango Laser Dentistry of Durango, Colorado, we do our best to cater to the specific needs of each of our patients. For replacing a tooth, we have 2 permanent options available, one being a dental bridge. 



Missing a tooth can have a significant impact on your confidence. We offer a solution that looks completely natural and fits in with your smile perfectly. A dental bridge is made up of at least 3 artificial teeth bonded together to replace a missing tooth.

The middle piece of the bridge is the full artificial tooth that will replace the lost tooth. There are tooth crowns attached on each end, called the anchor teeth. The anchor teeth need to be buffered down for the tooth crowns to be bonded and to provide support for the bridge. 


Benefits of the Dental Bridge 

  • Restoring your smile after a tooth has become missing can be pricey. Our dental bridges are affordable and can last you a lifetime if taken care of correctly. 
  • Each dental bridge we create is completely custom-made to your smile and the size of your teeth. We take dental impressions to make complete 3D molds of your smile to use as a reference. Each artificial tooth is made out of porcelain and can withstand the daily wear, just like your natural teeth. 
  • Receiving your dental bridge is a quick and easy process that will only require 3-4 visits for bridge creation and placement. 
  • Replacing a lost tooth can help you regain your confidence and love your smile.


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