About Durango Laser Dentistry


The office of Durango Laser Dentistry is trusted and respected across Colorado. If you’re looking to make a switch or you need support from a dentist whose expertise and professionalism you can truly rely on, you need look no further. With a wealth of professional experience, you’ll find it easy to put your trust in Mason Miner.


It couldn’t be easier to schedule your first appointment and after your initial visit you’ll be given all of the support and help you need. When you come to Durango Laser Dentistry you’ll get honest and professional advice that puts your dental health and needs first. We’ve helped many people improve their smiles and improve their lives, so whether you’re looking for a check up or some dental implants, we’re here to help with that.


You can schedule a free consultation if you’re looking for dental health support and are new here. We’re always happy to assess your problems and advise you on what the next steps in the process should be. Our team is dedicated to helping each and every new patient that walks through the door, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in our reliable and affordable services.


Durango, Colorado


You’re no doubt here because you’re looking for a new dentist in Durango, Colorado. If you’ve had struggles in the past and simply want a dentist you can truly trust and rely on, we understand your situation and want to help you out. Here at Durango Laser Dentistry, our patients come first and we offer services that people trust and can feel comfortable using time and time again.


As one of the leading dental offices in Durango, Colorado, you’ll feel content knowing you’re in safe hands and the services being provided by our team are among the best around. Our customer feedback and online reviews back this up, so don’t feel like you need to accept second best or anything like that. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and that’s how we’ve established this practice as one of the most professional and reliable in Durango, Colorado.


We’ve been serving the community here in Durango, Colorado for a long time now. Residents here trust us to offer the very best dental care services and to make them feel comfortable and at ease when they’re in our care. That’s how our dental practice has grown and become widely respected in the industry.


All you need to do if you want to benefit from our services yourself is get in touch and speak to a member of our team who’ll be able to schedule a free consultation with you. That’s how you get the ball rolling and start experiencing the quality of our dental services. We know it can be stressful when you’re looking for a new dentist and that’s why we make the process as easy and as straightforward as it can possibly be.