Amongst the many restorative and general dentistry services offered by Durango Laser Dentistry in Durango, Colorado, dentures are among our most popular choices for people who want to restore their smile and replace missing teeth. Let’s take a look at what, exactly, dentures are, why you might want to get them, and the process of having them fitted.


What are dentures?

Usually made out of acrylic, dentures are a device that is worn over the gums onto which artificial teeth, such as crowns, are attached. There are different kinds of dentures to suit different needs, such as partial dentures that can replace as little as a single tooth, as well as complete dentures, which can replace either top or bottom set of missing teeth. They’re designed to match both the look and the function of natural teeth is every way, and can be removed at night to be cleaned.


Why should you get dentures?Dentures in Durango Dr. Mason Miner. Durango Laser Dentistry. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentistry. Dentist in Durango, CO 81303

If you have missing teeth, dentures in Durango are one of the most effective and popular solutions that allows you to restore your smile and your bite. They can have an effect that is truly life-changing, and here are some of the reasons you should consider getting them if you have missing teeth or if Dr. Miner recommends having problematic teeth removed:

  • They maintain your ability to bite into and chew foods as you normally would with very few restrictions.
  • They can restore the appearance of your smile, getting rid of gaps, and thus restoring your confidence.
  • Tooth loss can eventually lead to jawbone shrinkage, which can make it difficult to restore your teeth in later life.
  • Protect your remaining teeth from excessive wear by making sure you can chew with your whole mouth.
  • Restore your facial appearance, as missing teeth can create the look of having a “sunken” face.


The process of fitting dentures

The treatment process can differ from person to person for a number of reasons. For one, if your teeth aren’t missing but are damaged or vulnerable enough, they may need to be removed first. Similarly, there are some differences depending on whether you’re getting a partial set of dentures or a complete set. If you need to have any teeth removed to fit dentures, a set of trial dentures will usually be fit immediately after the removal, so you don’t have to spend any time without teeth.

After this, the dentures may need to be relined and remade after a few months once your gums and jawbone alter to adjust to them. Before the dentures are fitted, the dentist will take molds of your mouth to ensure the best possible fit.


Restore your smile with dentures today

If you’re missing teeth and you want to enjoy having a full smile, as well as a full bite, again, then you should get in touch with Durango Laser Dentistry to talk about dentures in Durango, CO. Call our team or arrange an appointment through the site and we can see which restorative treatment is best for you, whether it’s dentures or something else.

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