One of the most used treatments currently is dermal fillers due to their many benefits and ease to apply. They are very safe to have done but should be carried out by a fully qualified professional – one who knows facial anatomy, has an artistic touch, etc. Dermal fillers are used to add volume back and reduce your wrinkles that you may get as you get older. 


What are Dermal Fillers? 

Dermal fillers are a cosmetic treatment which is done by small injections to the face. Normally the dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is what adds volume to your face and reduces wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin. Typically, dermal filler is used in different parts of your face such as your nose to mouth line, cheeks, lips, and much more. 
How are Dermal Fillers used? 

As you get older your face changes shape and your skin condition worsens causing wrinkles to appear. By having dermal fillers put in, brings back a youthful look, by adding more volume to your face and other areas like your lips and cheeks. Depending on the filler you choose can enhance that area of your face, such as filling in and softening static wrinkles. Dermal fillers tend to last around 8-18 months depending on how your body reacts to having them put in. 
The Benefits of Dermal Fillers 

Having dermal fillers put in can have many benefits for yourself. One of the key benefits is confidence, by removing unwanted wrinkles you can look more how you feel and positive when you go out. Dermal fillers only require a small injection meaning no operations are needed and as mentioned above they last 8-18 months meaning you only need to have them put in every year or year and a half. As well as that, the results are pretty instant and require very little recovery time meaning you can show off your new look instantly. 
The Process of Having Dermal Fillers 

Having dermal fillers put in is a fairly simple process and can take around 30 minutes, depending on the area you are having done. As a qualified doctor, Dr. Miner may apply some anesthetic cream to the area before giving the injection, once the injection is given it will be massaged in and then it’s done. Having dermal fillers put in shouldn’t really hurt, you may feel a slight bit of discomfort, but the anesthetic cream should take away most of the discomfort. 

You may feel a little sore the following hour after the procedure but this should calm down fairly quickly. It is advised you don’t wear make-up immediately as this could cause a reaction. Also avoid drinking alcohol, coffee and too many hours in the sun. Your doctor should go through all of this before giving you the dermal fillers. 


Have you ever had dermal filler applied to your skin? How did you find the process and were you pleased with the results? Get in touch with us today for more information and how we can help you find your perfect smile.