Laser Gum Surgery

Dental Hygiene can be one of the areas in our life that we don’t focus too much attention on. If truth be known, we can all be guilty of taking advantage of our teeth and mouths. Eating what we want, potentially forgetting to do anything more than just a quick brush in the morning and at night when we are busy. We have all been there. But, the thing we don’t realize is that over time, we can be at risk of developing gum disease, and this can have a serious and adverse effect on our dental health and even get to the point where teeth may need to be removed. This is why a procedure such as Laser Gum Surgery has become more common, and it may be something that you may have to look into yourself. Find a specialist local to you in Durango, CO. 


The issues we can all face with our gums 


Often our focus can be on our teeth when it comes to dental health and hygiene, but the gums are an important part of our dental health and can often be subject to issues as well. Plaque is a type of bacteria that is consistently growing in your mouth. Plaque can lead to tooth decay which can be an ongoing issue anyway, but it can also irritate and inflame your gums. We don’t often see it at the time, however, when this problem is not treated, your gums can begin to recede, and the underlying bone tissue is damaged as well. This can lead to gum disease forming, which can come in varying different severities. Sometimes cleaning the gums can be just enough, but it can also deteriorate further and cause significant issues with your gums in the future if left untreated. 


How can you treat gum disease or issues with the gums?


Sometimes you may think that the only option to repair such damage is through surgical treatments, but our practice and specialist believe that there are plenty of non-surgical options to consider. Laser gum therapy can be one of them. Our specialist, Dr. Miner, can offer surgical and non-surgical treatment of gum disease, depending on the type of issue his patients have. However, he does prefer to take a non-surgical route when possible. This might include things such as deep cleaning techniques like scaling and root planing to heal the infected gums. This can prove very effective. Dr. Miner also uses lasers as an alternative to gum surgery. This can be an excellent alternative to surgical treatment. Lasers can disinfect the gum, enabling the encouragement of bone growth and attachment to help you keep your teeth for as long as possible. This can help you to have a healthy and happy mouth for longer. 


If you are interested in finding out if you have any issues with your gums, want to know your options for deep-cleaning services, or laser gum surgery in Durango, or would like more information on dental services then please get in touch with us today.