Before & After Dermal Threading

The threads help to smooth and soften the lines of the skin, reduce the lines and wrinkles.

Before & After Lip Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injected into the skin to add plumpness that has been lost due to natural collagen loss. This helps decrease the look of fine lines, and one injection can last for up to two years in some cases. The dermal fillers Dr. Miner uses include world-renowned brands like Radiesse and Juvederm, and have provided patients – both men and women – with incredible results!

Before & After Dermal Threads-Lifting Threads

Before & After Dermal Threads-Smooth Threads

Before & After Cold Sore Treatment

Best time for laser treatment of a cold sore is when the person feels the first sensations of it coming on. After lasering the area it becomes white. The white fades over the course of a few hours. After, it forms a scabs which comes off over the next couple of days. Sure beats the blistering, oozing, PAIN and unsightly lengthy duration of the cold sore.

Before & After Blood Blister Removal

We used lasers to remove Rachel’s blood blister on her lip. After three weeks, the area was complete healed and had no scaring.

Before & After Laser Recontouring

The photographs below show a procedure Dr. Miner did that was done to enhance the smile after orthodontics. With the Laser, Dr. Miner sculpted and shaped the gum tissues to provide a more appealing appearance. This procedure can also be done for someone concerned with their gummy smile or teeth which appear small and/or gums that are not naturally scalloped.

Before & After Veneers

Before & After Varix Treatment

This patient had what is know by several names: venous lake plexus, hemangioma, or varix. She was bother by the appearance and it being on her lip. We used the laser and it was gone immediately (second picture). No need for an incision or bleeding, no post-op pain or swelling. Third picture is 2 weeks later.

Before & After Laser Biopsy

This was a biopsy done with the laser. Minimal soreness afterwards. No scarring, fast healing, appears almost as though nothing were done.

Before & After Internal Whitening

Before & After Gum Contouring w/ Laser and Anterior Veneers

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