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“The laser technology completely changed my opinion of going to the dentist!! I hated the novacaine shots, hated the drill – in short, I hated coming to the dentist. The ease and comparatively painless difference is SHOCKING! There is none of that horrifying grinding noise or feeling; no shot and minimal discomfort. I know “the drill” and will certainly never go back!”

– Caitlyn Talley

“I recently went to Dr. Miner to fix my ugly front teeth. I already had seen three other dentists in Durango and decided to work with Dr. Miner because he explained my options so well and even worked with me so I could afford the treatment. He was kind and friendly, and his staff also were very nice.”

– Steven Tomczak

“I’ve known Dr. Miner for about 4 months. He is the kind of dentist who does not make you feel like you’re being pressured into treatment or that he wants to sell something to you every time you come to his practice.”

– Hope Tyler

“I went to Doctor Miner after not seeing a dentist for 6 years. Dr Miner was very gentle and kind. He knows what he’s doing.”

– Josh Potter

“When I moved to Durango in 2011 and found myself in the market for a new dentist, the referral I received to Dr. Miner turned out to be exceptional. Cleanings are a breeze with their gentle touch hygienist care, and the procedures I eventually required for a crown where performed so gracefully, I experienced virtually no discomfort. I appreciate Mason 0. Miner, DDS and his dental staff immensely. I highly recommend them and his practice. Kim Reeves”

– Marvin Hicks

“I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Miner as my dentist. I lost one of my front teeth to an accident, and I needed a dentist with skill, experience and compassion to replace the tooth. Dr. Miner did an amazing job. He is an extremely talented and honest dentist, and I cannot recommend him enough.”

– Laura Lopez

“I’ve had a lot of dental work in the past. I was impressed with the gentleness of Dr. Miner as he worked on me.”

– Patti Thompson

“Dr. Miner did an implant on me with bone grafting. It went very well and I am superbly pleased.”

– Julie Stovall

“Dr. Miner and staff are just AWESOME!! I recently had to bring my youngest of 5 for a filling. He ended up leaving the chair stating that he “LOVES CAVITIES!!”. YIKES!! NOT the greatest thing to like, but I was SO glad that he wasn’t scared or whiny. He didn’t even know he had gotten a shot!! Dr. Miner really takes care with his patients, and my son came out of there WANTING to come back to visit! Thanks Dr. Miner and Lenni!!!”

– Kelly Bachor

“I’m scared to death of dental work but Dr. Miner and his staff make me feel very comfortable and pain free. They are all very friendly and I’m so happy with my teeth now.”

– Grace Cooper

“I love coming to Dr. Miner’s because I love the way that my teeth feel after a good cleaning! The staff is so attentive and friendly.”

– Bobby Vaughn

“Dr. Miner and his staff are GREAT!”

– Tim Hannigan