Dr. Miner and his team at Durango Laser Dentistry can enhance the way you look in as little as one visit. Have you noticed lines and creases around your eyes, mouth, and forehead? Are you concerned that you look older than you are? Could your appearance be holding you back from getting jobs or promotions? Dr. Miner can provide in-office facial aesthetic treatments in Durango to address these issues with fillers, Botox, and other facial aesthetic options.

Facial Treatments Can Take Years off Your Appearance!

A beautiful smile involves more than teeth! Our teeth are surrounded by lips, gums, cheeks, and other features, all of which can benefit from facial aesthetics techniques.

Some of the treatments we offer include:

Botox: Having Botox treatments can be a great way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The procedure is minimally invasive and only takes a few minutes, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time or money at the dentist’s office. Plus, the effects typically last up to four months, so you will look your best for months at a time! If you’re interested in discovering more about Botox treatments and how they may help you improve your appearance, don’t hesitate to ask our office. We can answer any questions you have and help ensure that you have a safe and successful experience with this comprehensive cosmetic dental procedure.

Dermal fillers: We offer dermal fillers to boost your complexion and hold back the signs of aging. Dermal fillers are commonly used to plump lips, fill in wrinkles and prepare you for special events like weddings or reunions. The process is simple, safe, and has lasting results that can help you look gorgeous! So come on down, and let us show you how dermal fillers can instantly transform your smile! Our friendly team of professionals will work with you, so you get exactly the look you have always wanted.

PDO Threads: PDO Threads are a fantastic aesthetic solution that can provide non-surgical facelifts and other facial aesthetic treatments. The procedure is much less invasive than alternative cosmetic dentistry procedures, drastically decreasing healing time. PDO Threads can help patients with their aesthetic goals and immediate restoration needs, allowing them to achieve desired results in no time. We highly recommend investing in PDO Threads if you’re looking for a fast and effective treatment that could make all the difference in your smile!

And more: we provide numerous treatments to frame and enhance your smile!

Dr. Miner is a faculty instructor with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics

The Skill and Experience of Dr. Mason Miner

Dr. Miner is highly trained in the anatomy, movement, proportions, and aesthetics of the dental structure, head, face, and neck. He is trained to use injected anesthetic, topical anesthetic, or calming agents (i.e., valium, etc.). Dr. Miner’s skills allow him to make your treatment visit as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Miner is also a faculty instructor with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. He travels around the country teaching healthcare professionals, including dentists, physicians, nurses, and estheticians, in the use and delivery of Botox, dermal filler, PDO threads, and treatment of facial pain. He has taught courses throughout the country, including New York City, Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Scottsdale. Dr. Miner strives to better himself and provide excellent patient care by attending continuing education. He works to stay current with the advancements in the field of facial esthetics.

Why Men and Women Are Choosing Facial Treatments

Facial-enhancing treatments will help you look refreshed and rejuvenated! People of all ages want to look their best, and with advances in non-surgical facial treatments, they can. The right procedures can enable people to improve their confidence, whether for professional or personal reasons. Best of all, the facial treatments offered by Dr. Miner produce natural-looking results.

Facial Aesthetics in Durango, Colorado

If you’re considering getting a facial treatment, Dr. Miner is the best in the business and can help you achieve natural-looking results that will take years off your appearance. With many years of experience, he has the skill and knowledge to tailor every treatment to each patient’s unique needs. Whether you want to address fine lines and wrinkles or sun damage, Dr. Miner can help. And with more men and women than ever choosing facial treatments, it’s clear that this isn’t just a passing fad. So if you’re ready to rejuvenate your appearance, call for a consultation today at Durango Laser Dentistry. You won’t regret it!

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