Does Your Baby Need a Laser Frenectomy Dentist to Alleviate Tongue-Tie?

If you are among the growing number of parents concerned about tongue and lip-tie, a congenital condition that can diminish your infant’s ability to feed properly and can contribute to pain for the mother, laser frenectomy may provide you with the solution you have been searching for. Laser frenectomy is an in-office procedure that removes the webbing (frenulum) that restricts the tongue or lip, without scalpels or sutures.

Tongue or lip-tie can present itself uniquely from person to person and therefore, can go largely undiagnosed and untreated. The webbing (tethered tissue) that binds the tongue or lip can be mildly to severely limiting, creating nutritional and digestive issues. The mom may have mild discomfort to severe pain. While you may realize the individual isn’t gaining weight or is suffering from reflux like symptoms, you may be unaware that tongue and/or lip-ties are the underlying source of the problem(s). Becoming familiar with the indications of decreased tongue mobility is the first step to improving your or your child’s health. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mason O. Miner, a laser frenectomy dentist in Durango, if you are noticing the following symptoms:

Baby’s Signs and Symptoms:

  • Fall off of breast frequently
  • Falls asleep within minutes on the breast
  • Gassy/hiccups often after feeding, colic, reflux, vomiting
  • Shallow latch, clicking or smacking sounds
  • Gumming the nipple
  • Lips do not flange
  • Milk blister in middle of upper lip
  • Low weight gain
  • Frequent feedings/not being satisfied
  • Gulps when takes a bottle
  • Refusing the breast, prefers the bottle
  • Unable to hold pacifier

Mom’s Signs and Symptoms:

  • Pain while nursing
  • Blanching, cracked, bruised, blistered nipple
  • Bleeding nipples
  • Infected nipples, plugged ducts, mastitis, nipple thrush
  • Creased, flattened
  • Breasts not being emptied
  • Maternal exhaustion, feeling emotionally defeated or depression (postpartum depression?)
  • Lack of mother / infant connection/bond

One in 10 Infants Suffer From Tongue and Lip-Tie Problems

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Breastfeeding Is One Of The Most Basic Instincts

Difficulty with breastfeeding is common. That does NOT mean it is normal. Breastfeeding is an essential component of normal infant life and its absence means something is fundamentally wrong with the infant’s world.

There is no such thing as a baby – there is a baby and someone” Donald Winnicot, MD. We must look at the infant AND mother.

In this baby, the upper lip is not normal. In the middle there is a “blister” like appearance. On the underside it is red. There is also a gap between the front teeth. This is from a tight frenum. The curvature of the upper lip is held in this position by the frenum. The upper lip should not arch this much. This is also an indication the patient is a mouth breather. With this type of condition, the patient frequently has chapped lips. This is also the type of condition other healthcare provider may say “don’t worry about it. When they fall it will tear and fix itself.” This is easily corrected with a laser frenectomy in Durango, CO.

Breastfeeding Problems associated with lip and/or tongue ties:

  • Poor quality latch
  • Falls asleep prematurely while nursing
  • Slides off breast
  • Colic symptoms
  • Reflux symptoms
  • Gumming/chewing
  • Pacifier problems
  • Low milk supply

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