Advanced Periodontal Treatments and Options Keep You Healthier

Health and wellness is at the heart of all our periodontal treatments at Durango Laser Dentistry. Dr. Miner has received extensive advanced training in laser-assisted periodontic treatments. Some of the advanced treatments we offer utilize laser-assisted treatment, bone grafting and/or membranes embedded with growth factors.

We have developed methods to make certain your experience with our team will be efficient, affordable and comfortable.

Stop Avoiding the Periodontal Treatments You Require

Many individuals put off taking care of periodontal treatments they need because they “don’t feel it” or “it doesn’t bother them” or they have a fear of the dentist, or are afraid they cannot pay for dental procedures. Gum disease often progresses silently. Once gum disease hurts, there may be more concerns or may indicate the gum disease is more severe/advanced. Unfortunately, gum disease is caused by bacteria and consequently never goes away on its own. Even if you brush and floss regularly, you cannot keep periodontal disease from worsening without the intervention of professionals like Dr. Miner and his team.

With laser-assisted periodontal treatments and surgery in Durango, CO, there is less post-operative discomfort, faster healing, and is less invasive. Who would not want that!

The Stages of Gum Disease

Periodontal Treatments in Durango, CO
Periodontal Treatments in Durango, CO
Periodontal Treatments in Durango, CO
Periodontal Treatments in Durango, CO

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The Right Periodontal Options for Every Patient

If you need periodontal treatments in Durango, CO, you will be pleased to learn that we offer plenty of options. Some of our most commonly requested procedures include:

Periodontal Maintenance

During periodontal maintenance treatments, we use high-tech equipment to clean the areas between the teeth and gums where bacteria and calculus can buildup. Our preferred method of scaling and root planing involves advanced tools that decrease patient discomfort and improve long-term results


Have your gums been affected by periodontal disease? Dr. Miner can perform a gingivectomy, which will enable him to re-contour the existing gums to create a more attractive and functional gum line.

Bone Grafting

If periodontal disease has progressed to the point where you have lost a tooth, it may be possible to insert a tooth implant. Even if the bone has deteriorated, a bone graft can allow the site to be improved so it can support a dental implant. If the bone graft is done to the upper molars area, it is usually called a sinus lift.

Ridge Augmentation

After a tooth has been removed, the bone begins to deteriorate. Patients that have a lot of deterioration may require ridge augmentation to rebuild the ridge of the jawbone to accept tooth replacement procedures.

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