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The unfortunate truth is that everyone will develop a cavity at some point in their lives. If you’ve ever had a cavity, you know how painful it is to have one and how time-consuming it is to get rid of one. Sealants are one of our most popular and most affordable dental procedures at Durango Laser Dentistry. Sealants are used to help prevent cavities. They work to keep germs and acid out of your teeth’s pits and fissures, keeping them healthy over time. If you live in Durango, Colorado, and you want to avoid cavities, visit us about sealants now!

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What is a Sealant?

The greatest strategy to avoid cavities and dental damage are to regularly practice good oral hygiene. On the other hand, a sealant is another approach to prevent cavities and bacteria buildup. A medical resin is used to make a dental sealant. The material is painted onto your tooth’s crown and solidified with a special light. A sealant is a preventative procedure that can help avoid cavities by preventing bacteria buildup.


Sealants are custom-made to mirror the exact color of your teeth, so you and anybody else who views your teeth won’t know you have one. Sealants are designed to endure for years, but your dentist will inspect them at each of your bi-annual checkups to ensure that they are still in good functioning order and that no food or germs have entered underneath them. Sealants do not free you of dental hygiene obligations; instead, they aid in preventing problems. Even if you have sealants, you may still get cavities if brushing and flossing are not handled seriously.


The Dental Sealant Procedure

When you determine that dental sealants are necessary or desirable, the dentist will consult with you to determine that it is the best option for you. Sealants are a simple, painless process that takes only a few minutes. To help the adhesive function better, the dentist thoroughly cleans your teeth before drying your mouth. After the cleaning and drying, an acidic substance is used to roughen the surface of each tooth. This is conducted so that the sealant has grooves to hold on to and not slip in your mouth. The sealants will then be applied. The sealant is a thin layer of liquid dental resin painted over the crown of your tooth and then solidified using a dental blue light. Your sealants are ready for use right away. There is a chance you may feel like there is something between your teeth, but that feeling will pass. 


Who Can Get Sealants?

Younger adults, such as teenagers and children, are more likely to have cavities. Their brushing and flossing may be inadequate because they are still learning good oral hygiene practices. Sealants are great for children to assist them in avoiding cavities and costly dental expenditures. The service and benefits are available to anyone. Adults who have had or are currently dealing with decay and excessive cavities may also benefit from sealants. Come into our office now if you believe sealants would help you.


Sealants are one of the most effective strategies to avoid cavities. Cavities can help you prevent a variety of dental health problems. They are highly cost-effective, and practically everyone qualifies. If you live in or near Durango, Colorado, please contact us immediately to learn more about how sealants may help you. The team at Durango Laser Dentistry is excited to help you!

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