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At Durango Laser Dentistry, we do whatever we can to protect your original teeth from decay and damage. With the different dental services we offer, we can save your teeth from several problems. However, there are times when a tooth cannot be saved and must be pulled. If you live in the Durango, Colorado, area, we can do surgical tooth extractions for anyone who needs them.

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The Need for Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are not an ordinary dental operation, and they should never be utilized as the first line of defense when it comes to tooth restoration. When a rotting tooth cannot be fixed with a dental crown or when a piece of an injured tooth lies beneath the surface, tooth extraction is required. If you have serious periodontal disease or a failed root canal, tooth extraction may be necessary to save your teeth. However, certain extractions are more complex than others, and surgical extraction is required in some situations.


Dental trauma is defined as any tooth injury that cannot be treated, such as issues with the nerves in the tooth, tissue inflammation, tongue discomfort, etc., and the tooth should be extracted. A tooth should be pulled if it is deteriorating and can not receive restorative treatment. If a tooth causes your mouth to become crowded and correct alignment is threatened, it should be extracted. Other, less common reasons for tooth extraction exist, but these are the most common.


Different Types of Tooth Extractions: 

Tooth extractions are divided into a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. The dentist will assess the type of extraction required based on the extent of the damage and the tooth’s condition that needs to be extracted.


Simple Extraction:

When the tooth is visible and easily removable, we refer to it as a simple extraction. A simple extraction is quick, simple, and painless because we employ anesthesia. Depending on the treatment, we offer a variety of sedative solutions to all of our patients. We want everyone in our office to feel at ease and secure. The dentist will start with using a dental tool called an elevator to release the tooth. They’ll use a separate device called a forcep to remove the tooth once the socket is loose. The best thing we can do is keep the tooth socket in place for any future dental restoration procedures you might need. Our dentist can discuss the various alternatives that are accessible to you.


Surgical Extraction:

A surgical tooth extraction requires more time and effort than a simple tooth extraction. When a tooth has been fractured, and we cannot find the root, the extraction will be surgical. Impacted teeth require surgical extractions because they come in at an angle. The patient is given a local anesthetic during the procedure to guarantee that they do not feel any pain. The doctor starts by cutting open the gum line and, in some situations, exposing the jaw bone to ensure a clean extraction. Before we can extract the tooth cleanly, the socket must be loose. We will then clean the tooth socket and sew it shut. Any dental restorations that may be necessary will be offered based on the individual circumstances.


If you live in the Durango area and are experiencing tooth discomfort, please get in touch with us right once. We can go over your dental repair options with you and show you how a tooth extraction can help you the most. Durango Laser Dentistry has the knowledge and experience to help you with your dental needs. Give us a call today!

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