root canal therapy durango Dr. Mason Miner. Durango Laser Dentistry. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentistry. Dentist in Durango, CO 81303 Are you experiencing tooth pain? Your tooth may be infected, but with our root canal therapy at Durango Laser Dentistry, you don’t have to lose your tooth! A root canal is a less invasive and complicated solution than tooth extraction and dental implant. Our gentle and careful approach can enable you to keep your natural tooth.


What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a treatment used to save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. The procedure involves the removal of the damaged tissue, cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth, and then filling and sealing the tooth. Using laser with root canals provides the highest level of disinfection and cleaning of the canal system. Dr. Mason Miner and his team can perform Laser root canal therapy in our Durango dental office.

The success rate for root canal therapy is very high, and it can often extend the life of a tooth by many years. In some cases, a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy may need to be crowned or capped to protect it from future damage.

However, even with a crown, the tooth will usually not be as strong as it was before it was damaged. Therefore, it is essential to follow some simple instructions on preventing problems with your teeth.


How to Care for Your Tooth After Root Canal Therapy

After root canal therapy, taking care of your teeth is essential. Root canal therapy can be a very successful treatment, but there are some things you need to do to help make sure your tooth stays healthy.

First, be sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly. Good oral hygiene will help remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums and will help keep your mouth healthy.


It is also essential to see your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. These checkups will help ensure that your tooth is healthy and that we catch any problems early.

Finally, avoid chewing hard foods with the tooth that has had root canal therapy. Chewing hard foods can put too much pressure on the tooth and may cause it to break.


What are the Symptoms of an Infected Tooth?

So how do you know if you need root canal therapy? The best way to learn is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miner and his team, so we can evaluate your tooth and provide some excellent recommendations on restoring it. Especially if you are experiencing the following symptoms, call today to set an appointment.

Symptoms of an infected tooth can vary depending on the severity of the infection. In some cases, there may be no pain or discomfort at all. However, as the disease progresses, symptoms may include:

  • Severe toothache.
  • Pain when chewing or biting.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold beverages.
  • Swollen gums.
  • Bad breath.
  • A foul taste in the mouth.

If left untreated, an infected tooth can lead to severe complications. Therefore, seeing us at the first sign of any discomfort is essential.


How Long Does the Healing Process Take?

The root canal healing process can typically take around a week or two. It all depends on how severe the infection was, how well you care for your mouth, and how healthy you are overall.


Laser Root Canal Therapy in Durango, Colorado

If you think you may need root canal therapy, please call our office at (970) 442-5109, and we will be happy to help you.

You won’t have to go through the pain of undergoing a tooth extraction or the hassle of getting a dental implant. With Durango Laser Dentistry, you can keep your natural tooth and avoid any additional pain or discomfort.

Contact us today for more information about our root canal therapy! We look forward to helping you relieve your toothache and restoring your smile!