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Feel more comfortable going to the dentist with sedation dentistry from Mason Miner DDS. This type of dentistry makes standard dental procedures more comfortable. There are many options for sedation dentistry. When you work with Dr. Miner and his team, they will find the right one for you. 


Minimal Sedation

This type of sedation is for comfort during common dental procedures. Dr. Miner may recommend this type of sedation for cleanings or other minor procedures. This type of sedation uses nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. You will breathe in the gas, and it will help you relax. You will still be able to follow commands and remember the procedure. Yet, it will make you more comfortable during the process. 


Conscious Sedation 

Dr. Miner may prescribe a pill, often Halcion, to take before the procedure for conscious sedation. This pill is in the same medication family as Valium. When taken one hour before your procedure, Halcion will make you feel drowsy. This drowsiness is more than nitrous oxide but less than general anesthesia. You will not be “put to sleep” with this medication, and you may not remember much. Yet, the process will be more comfortable and be less nervous. 


Benefits of Sedation Dentistry 

The most significant benefit of sedation dentistry is the ability to feel comfortable at the dental office. Many patients avoid the dental office because they are afraid of the sights and sounds of the office. Sedation dentistry makes going to the dentist more comfortable by making you feel tired and calm during the procedure. A secondary benefit of sedation dentistry is better oral hygiene. The more you go to the dentist, the better your oral hygiene will be. If you are not afraid to go to the dentist, you will be more apt to care for dental concerns. 


Sedation dentistry is a wonderful way to help patients feel comfortable during their dental visits. At Mason Miner DDS, your comfort and safety is important. For more information  call our office today.


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