Advanced Dental Technologies in Durango provide Superior Results

Several people state they have had anxiety going to the dentist in the past. When there is the whine of the air driven drill, the shot, and soreness afterwards, who wouldn’t? Modern dentistry can eliminate much of those unpleasant experiences. Durango Laser Dentistry uses modern and advanced dental technologies and techniques in Durango to provide you with comfortable, affordable and exceptional dental care outcomes.

Dental technology in Durango, CO has changed over the years, and that means several benefits for the patients of Dr. Miner. Some of the advantages to choosing Durango Laser Dentistry, for your family dentistry needs include:

  • Faster appointment times. High-tech equipment allows us to perform work efficiently, which translates to shorter appointments.
  • More precise results. Our tools make it easier for us to see exactly what is happening in your mouth. This enables us to perform our tasks more precisely.
  • Faster recovery times. Many procedures performed by Dr. Miner can be less invasive than the traditional methods, especially when assisted by laser dentistry. Any discomfort tends to go away much faster thanks to the less invasive nature of the procedures and the equipment used.
  • Frequently no numbing

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Our Advanced Technology

Laser Dentistry

Dr. Miner is pleased to be the area’s full service laser dentist. He is the only dentist in the Four Corners area with a Mastership Certification through WCLI in laser dentistry. For cavities, the laser replaces the traditional drill and uses water and light energy to remove decay and to repair damaged teeth. Most of the time patients do not need to be numbed for cavities. That means no shot and no numb feeling afterward, so you can get right back to your day.

Waterlase lasers cause minimal trauma to the teeth and mouth as compared to the traditional handpiece. About 90% of the time cavities can be taken care of without anesthesia because patients do not need it. The laser cleans and disinfects the areas as well. The heat and vibration used with the traditional drill are what causes pain. We use water and laser energy to deliver a gentler approach to dentistry.

Say goodbye to the wince-provoking whine of the dental drill and the accompanying bone-shaking vibration. Instead, you’ll feel a gentle, pulsating water spray accompanied by a sound like popcorn popping. You can also say goodbye to strange-tasting topical anesthetics and needles: most patients treated with the Waterlase dental laser report not feeling pain and opt for treatment without any anesthetic whatsoever. Instead, the predominant sensation is one of coolness.

Only 5% of the nation’s dentists use laser technology. The main reason for this: laser technology is generally not taught in dental school. Dr. Miner discovered this technology, developed the skills and knowledge, and made available to you right here in Durango! Call us for more information or to schedule a consultation!


Dr. Miner performs a cavity removal with a dental laser

Intraoral Camera

Cameras have gone mini and, with our intraoral camera, you can get a much better idea of what is occurring on the visible surfaces of your teeth and mouth, as well as any exposed soft or hard tissues.

ECD Dector - Electronic Caries Detection

Dental tool designed to detect occlusal cavitated leisions at the earliest possible stage.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays use computer technologies to see inside your mouth. Digital x-rays have up to 90% less radiation than conventional dental x-rays with the old film, and the images are superior and clearer. For those with radiation dose concerns, we will perform x-rays as little as possible.


Dr. Miner uses magnification to provide better treatment and be more precise with the instruments he uses.


Taking digital pictures allows you to see what we see.

Electric Handpieces

Nearly everyone dislikes the sound of that high pitch whiny sound of the traditional drills which are air driven. Electric handpieces are much quieter and have less vibration than those old fashioned air-driven handpieces.

Patient education program

Our patient education software has pictures and animated videos which demonstrates and explains various procedures to give you a better understanding of the proposed treatment.

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