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Your smile plays a significant role in creating the right first impression on people, which helps you feel better about yourself. However, nobody is comfortable wearing an infectious smile with stained or discolored teeth. Research has established a connection between poor dental hygiene and severe medical conditions like heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and a high risk of pregnancy issues. Even if you keep a good daily dental hygiene, teeth yellowing is natural with aging. This discoloration occurs when the tooth enamel grows thinner, permitting the underlying dentin, which is naturally yellowish, to become more noticeable. However, teeth whitening is one of the most economical ways to brighten your teeth and improve your smile. It’s perhaps the most well-known corrective procedure accessible that offers instant results. More so, teeth whitening isn’t exclusive to enhancing your smile since it provides other benefits.


How does teeth whitening work?

There are different procedures for whitening your teeth, including some over-the-counter products. However, the best approach for getting the ideal results is to consult Dr. Miner, who will provide you with the most effective and safe teeth whitening products to deliver faster outcomes than other prescriptive products. Dr. Miner may likewise utilize various techniques, for example, laser whitening or gel-filled plates or a blend of the two. The extent of discoloration will determine the technique the dentist will use. 


Teeth whitening options at Durango Laser Dentistry

Experts have, however, advised that the procedures should be completed by a qualified dentist, who will examine your mouth before performing any whitening process.

If you’re living in Durango, Colorado, Durango Laser Dentistry performs in-office laser. The procedure is faster and more comfortable for individuals with high tooth sensitivity than other traditional in-office procedures. While several teeth whitening procedures utilize a kind of hydrogen peroxide glue, the system used by Dr. Miner can brighten your teeth four to six shades. Durango Laser Dentistry, offers a procedure you can use at home, involving taking molds of your mouth and creating a tailored mouth plate. The blend of in-office and at-home systems can give up to 12 to 15 shades.


Benefits of professional teeth whitening

The most apparent benefit is improving and brightening your smile to enhance your appearance. Aside from this, it offers several other advantages, including:

More robust and thorough teeth whitening

Although a regular whitening session at Dr. Miner’s office will provide a good outcome, a professional technique will provide much whiter and long-lasting results to check the most severe stains.

Tailored treatment

Over-the-counter products are made to fit every size, which means it’s almost impossible to customize to suit your needs, unlike professional teeth whitening procedures made per your preferences.

Good grooming

Proper teeth whitening helps display a good sense of grooming and daily habits. It additionally shows that you take pride in your looks and focus on keeping yourself looking good.